Efficient, Quality Data Collection for the Oil and Gas Industry

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ScoutFDC is used in 13 states for the field data capture, production data management, and reporting of over 20,000 oil and gas wells & supports hundreds of operators and back office staff. 


Know what's happening seconds after the operator.

I gotta say, of all the production programs that I have used this is by far the best... Virtually no lag in the syncs, and that was with minimum 3G, and the app is running flawlessly. Once again, wonderful production system... I will definitely be mentioning this to the other companies.

Brad P

Lease Operator

Midstates Petroleum


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Scout's mobile and web based field data capture platform eliminates your company's costly delays, drastically improves Production Reporting, Operator experience, and saves you thousands of dollars. In addition to streamlining production data management processes, ScoutFDC helps you maintain a higher standard of operational excellence. 

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Scout's intelligent sync process seamlessly transitions between offline and online modes to transmit collected values throughout the day without disruption or manual operator intervention.

Game-Changing Features 

Vital for today's digital oilfield. 

Flexible Data Capture

Downtime Tracking

Data Validation

Dynamic Route Management

Daily Allocation Calculations

Route Summary

Run Ticket Management

Well Tests

Activity/Event Tracking

Partner Management & Reporting

Robust Embedded Reporting


ScoutFDC is redefining how oil & gas companies capture their production data.

Enterprise Integrations

Automated Reporting

Mobile Photo Capture

Online/Offline Capabilities

Audit Tracking

Data & Ticket Imports

Live data validation and error messaging notifies users of potential errors at the source.

Real time data sync provides the back office with the information needed to make more informed decisions faster.

Ditch the spreadsheets! Simple and intuitive operator data entry drastically reduces errors and saves back office staff hours a day.

Enterprise integrations allow Scout to push and pull data automatically from multiple data sources offering consistency across your database.

Production Reports are automatically created and updated as new data is captured. Automated distributions get data to those who need it most.